Communication & Sales training course in UK Dentistry.
The fantastic 'Influencing Smiles' 2-day Live course

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Dr. Barry Oulton B.Ch.D, DPDS, MNLP 
Founder of The Confident Dentist
"I will show you how to master your communication and sell with integrity"

This course will :
- Get your patients to listen to you & understand
- Increase your private dentistry
- Increase treatment acceptance
- Help you to lead your dental team more effectively
- Increase your confidence
- Improve relationships in your personal life

Learning new communication skills will increase your enjoyment of dentistry, your interactions with patients and reduce conflict & complaints

Influencing Smiles - Course Content

Day 1

    What is NLP 
    What is sales 
    First impressions 
    NLP model of communication
    The learning state 
    Verbal and non-verbal communication 
    Sensory Acuity
    The Subconscious mind 
    6 step sales process 
    Step 1 - Establish rapport  
    Eye scan patterns 
    Representational system preferences 

Day 2

    Pacing and leading
    Wealth mindset
    Belief busting  
    Step 2 - Ask questions 
    Discovering core values 
    Meta-programs - Motivation filter
    Chunk size filter 
    Utilising personality preferences 
    Step 3 - Propose the solution 
    Step 4 - Ask for their business 
    Answering any objections 
    Step 5 - Providing the treatment 
    Step 6 - Asking for referrals etc 
What is Communication & Sales with NLP?

What is
Communication & Sales with NLP?

NLP offers the most advanced set of communication skills ever developed, enabling you to connect and communicate with people at a deeper level than ever before. Understanding some basic NLP principles will empower you to understand when your message is being understood and be flexible in your communication if you recognise that it isn't.
What Would it Mean for You to Book Two or More Crowns a Week for the Rest of Your Professional Life?
How Would That Affect Your Bottom Line?
Hi, my name is Dr. Barry Oulton and as a busy dentist for over 25 years and having run my own practice in Surrey for nearly 20 years, I have had all the highs and lows that most dentists experience.

Like most in our profession, I rely on treating patients. And yet until about 10 years ago I struggled because :- 
Left to their Own Preferences, Most Patients Will Make the Cheapest
Choice for their Dental Treatment — Not Necessarily the Best Choice
What do I mean by that?

Let's face it, the NHS was not created to make dental professionals successful and we cannot offer all that is available for our patients. Instead, it was created to provide a "basic standard of care" to patients. 

But "basic standard care" is not always the best choice for your patients... or for you.

It wasn't until I received training in advanced communication and sales through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that the light bulb started to come on for me.

Unfortunately, NLP was not designed for dentistry. It's an obscure field created for psychologists, hypnotherapists and coaches and yet, I could see that the dots just needed to be connected for it to truly impact our profession and the patients we serve.

I was part of the first ever dental sales training over 20 years ago, and while I am proud of this accomplishment, I realised that what it really takes to be successful in dentistry goes beyond just sales. So, I created 'Influencing Smiles', a two-day immersive training where I teach all of the skills that took me from a grafting dental practitioner to a thriving 'single handed' private practice owner with over a £1Million turnover, loyal patients who happily pay for private dentistry and recommend their family and friends, a cohesive team with a great bond and working rapport, and the freedom to share my knowledge and skills with other dentists in the UK, USA and Europe.

What if you knew the secret language of communication & influence to use in your professional and personal life that will enable you to unlock success, abundance, prosperity, connection, love and more?

What would be possible in your life if you could have the total support of your team, your friends, your family, your co-workers, even complete strangers — everywhere you go?

The fact is, there are thousands of things you're missing out on because you don't yet know how to effortlessly communicate, influence and serve people.

This is a chance for you to finally feel like you're being heard. You'll learn to connect and communicate with people like never before, so people are riveted to you and following your advice, recommendations and treatment plans.
Here's What Delegates Are Saying...
"The best course I have been on in over a decade" - Dr. Vishal Kumar

"Cannot recommend this course enough. An absolute game changer" - Dr. Jon Benton
"Before today, despite being on a number of courses on this subject delivered by dentists and non-dentists, I hadn't come across someone who understands the principles of NLP and communication and also understands dentistry and therefore how to apply this in practice in such a positive way. I would definitely recommend it."

Nigel Jones - Sales Director, Practice Plan
"I have attended many communication courses over 30 + years. Barry has a great way of introducing the concepts of NLP and improved patient communication in a way that is 100% relevant to all dentists at any stage of their careers. This course is a must for all clinicians and dental team members."

Tim Thackrah - Specialist Referral Practice Owner
Learn The Secrets to Communication, Sales, Influence, Marketing and Leadership in Dentistry
This course is for you whether you are:-
  • A Practice Owner: Looking to support and develop yourself and your team to increase profits 
  • A NHS Dentist: Wanting to increase your private income 
  • A Young Dentist: With a hunger to build your confidence in communicating and selling
  • A Busy Practitioner: Struggling to achieve a good Life:Work balance
  • Worried about having a Complaint or FTP case: learn skills to prevent these occurring
  • Dental student wanting to hit the ground running: Gain a head start in communication
In our two-day Influencing Smiles training, Dr. Barry Oulton will teach you how to communicate and sell with integrity with proven, winning strategies and processes.

Here's what you'll get:
  • You Will Learn How to Influence and Persuade Others in Everyday Conversation:
    Including common myths about influence and how to use it most effectively.
  • You Will Learn the Importance of Communication and Selling with Integrity
    And why it is more powerful and beneficial than "manipulative" influence and persuasion techniques
  • You'll Understand and Use the Language of the Subconscious Mind:
    You'll learn a different kind of language which influences people on a deep level.
  • You Will Automatically THINK Like a Master of Communication and Sales With Hands-On Exercises:
    You'll master the mindset of influence so you'll be automatically speaking in influence patterns without any effort at all.
  • You'll Gain Deep, Instant Rapport With People — Including Complete Strangers:
    You'll discover the secrets of charisma and likeability so people will instantly like you and be attracted to you.
  • You'll Learn How to Use Advanced Communication Techniques in Your Practice:
    You'll discover the secrets of overcoming objections, closing sales, negotiation, management and leadership                                              '| . 
  • This is the Most ADVANCED and Practical, Communication and Sales Course Anywhere
    What you'll learn here will, by far, exceed anything you've learned in any other influence, sales or NLP course and is suitable for beginners and experts in Sales and Communication.

Join me for Influencing Smiles and receive 14 hours ECPD 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee that you will learn valuable, easy-to-use business strategies that can grow your practice and build your relationships and profits. I also value your time and therefore offer a money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied. 

If you don't like the training or feel like your time has been wasted, simply return your course materials by the end of lunch-time of the first day and I will issue a full and complete refund of your investment, minus the hard costs of food and delegate fee.
Event dates and locations 
  • ​28th & 29th Jan 2022  - Leeds
  • ​11th & 12th Mar 2022  - London               
Hours for All Events:

Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

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Yes, Barry! I'm ready to learn solid communication and integrity based sales techniques that I can use to grow my practice and create more freedom so I can live the lifestyle I deserve!

Your Investment

Dentists £1997 + vat 
Under 5yrs Qualified (inc DFT) £1294 + vat

Includes manual, refreshments, lunches & follow up focus email series. 
Live monthly group coaching calls

Team Members

Hyg / Therapist £979 + vat 
PM / TCO / PCC £979 + vat
Nurses from £495 + vat (discount for multiple attendees)
Uni Students £495 + vat 

Including lunches, manual, 21-day positive focus email follow up
on-line training

  • Learn to Communicate with your Patients in the Best Way for Them. 
  • Increase your Private Treatments
  • Create Better Relationships
  • Gain Life:Work Balance
  • Enjoy Your Dentistry Every Day
  • Avoid Complaints and Handle any Easily and Effortlessly to avoid FTP's
  • Understanding How We Communicate WILL Increase Your Confidence
  • 'I earned my course fee back within 3 days of the course' - CJ
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